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Updated: Dec 13, 2020

KNIO is a reflective photography project featuring pigs looking into mirrors. KNIO spelt forwards is OINK. Hence this piggy project.

Many questions were asked when carrying out this project, for example: Does a pig see what we see when we see them looking into a mirror? What does a pig think it looks like? Do pigs see beauty? Should I stop eating meat?

I learnt very quickly that these gorgeous snuffly creatures and I shared a brief connection. We both looked in the mirror and went about our day, pig in the mud, me human'ing around like humans do. Although our paths crossed for a mere few minutes, we impacted each others lives more than we could ever realise, nature was put on pause whilst the pig stood and checked itself out in the manmade bathroom mirror, an object that wouldn't usually be in the wild. The pigs were not afraid of the mirror, just curious to see themselves truffling around.

All in all - getting a wink in the mirror from a pig was a sure sign that he knew he looked good.

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