• Little Lu

Aurora Borealis

This is not a waltz, nor a samba.

Welcome to nature’s extravaganza:

(The lights go down)

Aurora B steps onto the floor.

Her neon green striations cut through the night sky,

Every linear stroke of her elongated arms pulse in motion.

(I must admit wardrobes’ gone a bit overboard with the outfits this evening)

Her dresses changed from blue, green, red and yellow.

(How can this light show be so mellow?)

This solar wind certainly knows how to strut her stuff.

It’s freezing, let’s turn the heat up.

Salsa’ing across the sky is her signature move.

(Inside Turn)

The crowd go wild for her show in the sky,

Watching every movement as she passes by.

She ends with a flash of light,

This is the end of her performance for tonight…

By Little Lu ©️

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