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I’ll start this story in the best way I know how... with a pen, paper & skyscraper just in view.

Hopefully I’ll do this story justice for you...

A year that brought us not much in the form of social interactions has certainly made me thankful for all those around me.

Those who are distant but always there, new formed friendships, friendships that will last a lifetime; family, new faces, old faces, faces that comfort. Fallen friends, fluffy friends with four legs, smiling strangers and people in passing.

This has definitely been a year of reflection for me in particular, I’m sure like many others. But this year has most certainly taught me a lot - it’s taught me that kindness & love has not yet been lost in this unnerving world.

One particular person caught my attention for a photography project as I believe he deserves all the kindness & love that this world has to give - that is why I’d like to share #DavidsStory with you.

His confidence could conquer mountainous heights, his charm could shift the seas tide. A man of so many talents is to be given such a grand entrance as this. For a man with such a big heart is to be remembered for the joy that he brings to the world.

This man is my Uncle

My Uncle David.

David was born with an unusual condition called #arthrogryposismultiplexcongenita but this does not define him and never will. David is an incredible man with incredible will power and talent.

He enjoys drawing - & is VERY good at it! He also enjoys cutting up cardboard and paper to stick together to make shelves for his @actionman_official collection and he loves listening and learning from others too.

Any person he passes he lights up their day with a passing smile or joke. There’s certainly a lot I could learn from David & will take what he has taught me into this New Year.

I’m not used to doing documentary photography, but as a new year pulls ever closer, this is something I will expand on and learn. Learning from people is one of the most important things I have taken on board this year. To learn from someone and listen is a gift that we have all been given and one that I will cherish.


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