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Dunwich, Suffolk

Situated between Southwold and Sizewell, sits the gorgeous coastline of Dunwich. Not only does this beautiful secluded shingle beach have some of the best fish and chips, but it also holds quite a large secret.

Looking out to the horizon, it's hard to think that this small village was once home to one of England's largest towns in the 11th century. The history of this enticing village can be seen at Dunwich museum, situated along the high street amongst the village houses. It explains how this once booming town was lost at sea in the 13th and 14th centuries. Storms encroached on this monumental town and left it eroded beneath the watery layers.

Now archaeologists, geologists and beach combers alike are drawn to Dunwich; mapping out this fabulous submerged secret and finding exciting remains from "Britain's Atlantis". Once bustling with 3000 inhabitants this town was the 10th largest in England, however it is now populated by just 120 people living on this seemingly calm seaside coastline.

Dunwich's charm and character is one thing that certainly hasn't been lost at sea. This beautiful village boasts a fantastic 17th century pub, The Ship , serving "Good food, locally sourced, skilfully cooked and thoughtfully served." I love a coastal pub, so sitting in a cosy nook enjoying proper pub food is an absolute delight.

As well as a delightful pub, there are also the fabulous Dingle Hill tea rooms, situated just out of the village. Whether you say "scon" or "scone", their menu is amazing, from cream teas to speciality lunches they have it all! Which way round do you put your jam and cream on a scone hmmmm?

Being a geology and coastal walk lover myself, I love visiting Dunwich and seeing how this coastline changes amongst the seasons. Whether it's a gorgeous summer's day or a blustery wintery walk, Dunwich never ceases to amaze.

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