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Exploring Norfolk

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Since coming out of lockdown, George and I wanted to venture further afield. So we decided on the Norfolk coast & wanted to travel round in just one day. ROAD TRIP! ( Suffolk > Norfolk ) This beautiful coastline consists of gorgeous sand dunes, beautiful rugged beaches & omg SEALS!

Come exploring with us and see our photo journal below which includes each place we ventured to with a couple of notes here and there, hopefully you can see some places you want to explore in the future too!

1) Winterton - On - Sea

This beach was so picturesque especially on such an atmospheric day. Cool soft sand lingered beneath our feet as we walked across the shore.

Usually seals can be seen from this beach; we didn't get to see any on this occasion, but enjoyed the gorgeous landscape and rolling waves nevertheless.

Arriving at 9:30am this beach was such a treat to behold, seemingly thinking it would be quiet, lot's of people had the same idea too and were enjoying the misty seascape just like we were.

Winterton - On - Sea has a great car park with plenty of room for lots of vehicles (charges are £1.50 an hour or £7 a day) and also a lovely cafe; Dunes Cafe, which is situated just above the beach serving everything from brunch to lunch.

It was a fabulous morning seeing families create sand castle masterpieces and watching dogs jump into the waves playing in the characterful waters.

2) Horsey Gap, Norfolk

Seals, seals, seals, SEALS! If there's one thing I love, it is definitely seals. Horsey has an incredible colony of grey seals that can be seen all year round. Whether you get to see them in pupping season at autumn/winter time or even bobbing about in the sea during summer time. Visiting the seals in their natural habitat is such a precious day out.

3) Happisburgh

Happisburgh is a quaint coastal village housing the UK's only independently operated lighthouse.

George was VERY excited to see the lighthouse, it is rather a spectacle standing at 85ft tall. Being the only working light in East Anglia with an eye catching candy cane pattern. This beautiful building is now maintained and operated by the local community through generous donations.

Immersing myself in the geology of an area is one of my favourite things to do; these stratified silt, sandy, clay cliffs are a sight to behold. Although these cliffs look strong, this boulder clay is weak and crumbles when hit by the North Sea; each year 1 to 3ft of these cliffs erode into the ocean. The sea has pushed against these cliffs for 5000 years, taking with it houses, the parish of Whimpwell and 250 metres of land. Although there is a secure coastal barrier system in place now, only time will tell how strong the North Sea will get and how much it will eat away at these cliffs in years to come.

4) Mundesley

Mundesley is a gorgeous seaside village, providing local shops, pubs and a maritime museum (believed to be one of the smallest museums in the UK). The beaches are lined with inviting rainbow painted beach huts and the beaches are perfect for swimming.

It was once a firm favourite holiday destination for Victorians, when the railway opened in 1889. They were able to escape to the coast and find new ways of holidaying. Even today it is still a favourite seaside escape for many families. George certainly enjoyed a paddle to cool off.

We loved sitting amongst these gorgeous beaches, watching the waves crash against the wooden groynes. It was such a hot day with the sun beaming down and the sea's skin glistened in the light. Mundesley was fab... see George's face below for evidence. (Happy boy)

5) Blakeney

We parked up in Blakeney village (Village hall parking is free) and walked across the salt marshes towards Cley. Instead of making George see seals again for the 1213748784 billionth time, we decided to explore the misty nature reserve and swerve my favourite sea dogs.

Suddenly we heard lots of bleeting and manage to stumble upon hundreds of sheep having a haircut, at the time George was very jealous and nearly asked to get clipped himself.

The weather throughout our day had been very changeable, so we were thankful of our raincoats. Instead of feeling like we were in Norfolk, the Welsh countryside came to mind, with it's lush green fields and low lying mist. The landscape here was gorgeous and every pathway we took led us to new and curious ventures. BUT If you ever needed an eerie Midsummer Murders set I'm sure Blakeney would suit!

6) Wells - Next - The - Sea

Setting off from the port at Wells harbour, we walked next to the meandering water. Birds could be seen circling over the sand banks and fishing boats were ready for their catch of the day. George is an avid bird watcher so we stop regularly to appreciate the variety of birds on our walks.

The still water calmed the soul, whilst the wind chimed through the sails of idle boats. I don't know about you, but I love the smell of the sea nearing in the distance and the fresh air brushing against my face. To be by a body of water and appreciate nature is one of my favourite things in the world.

7) Hunstanton (Sunny Hunny)

George's Nan and Grandad love Hunstanton, so we just had to add this to our list of places to explore. And omg it did not disappoint. What a stunning place! To start with, wow, the geology was not what I was expecting at all! Seeing layers of red chalk (limestone) was incredible. Red chalk is a sign of a once tropical climate, the red colour is due to iron staining. These rock formations are something to behold, finding this gem up in North Norfolk was not something I had anticipated from a very well known holiday destination.

The sheer size of the cliffs makes it hard to once think they were all under the sea during the Cretaceous period; now beachcombers and geologists alike can search for fossils & even sharks teeth which lay between the layers of these stunning cliffs.

Fossils to find include:





If geology doesn't interest you, then that's absolutely fine too! Hunstanton has such an unusual beach, with the most magnificent views & pathways through the stepping stoned rock pools. We saw curious crabs, mini fish, lots of seaweed and many many shells. Rock pools always bring back such lovely childhood memories.

I hope you enjoyed browsing our photo journal as much as we enjoyed exploring this beautiful coastline. Is there anywhere in Norfolk that you would add to the list? Please feel free to leave any comments below.

Happy Exploring!

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