• Little Lu

Never Bank On The Riverbed

I kept running,

but not fast enough.

My legs throbbed hard against each other,

as I fell to the ground.

The mud from his shoes shot into my eyes,

my blurred vision picked out the flowing path of water

glistening amongst the solitary reeds.

I should have followed the river,

but now it’s too late.

The waters whispered in my ear,

I thought I was safe.

Watching the blood from my head trickle down the riverbed

I knew this was not the case.

He had chased me to the edge.

I lay flat against the cold mud,

wishing he couldn’t see me,

but he could.

I watched my freedom get washed away,

he pushed my head down into the water,

I forgot to hold my breath.

The water filled up inside my mouth,

gagging on bubbles and gravel,

my sodden face camouflaged the tears.

I pleaded,

but he didn’t listen.

Ripping at my hair as he pulled me up from the river,

I could taste the blood in my mouth

each salty drop trickled down my throat.

Reaching out my hand to the water,

I felt his foot crunch down onto each of my fingers.

watching my skin pull away from his boots.

My bones were red raw,

but he carried on.

With his hands around my neck,

he tightened his grip.

I lay,

retching to breath.

My eyes met his,

blue, soulless, and empty,

I watched the channel force its way North.

I should have followed the river,

but now it’s too late.

By Little Lu ©️

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