• Little Lu

The Eye Of The Storm

Come and take a seat,

The silent amphitheatre in the sky,

Or the pupil of an eye?

So calm and pristine is the terror within,

as the clouds begin to spin.

Serenity hides within the doughnut of doom,

Silence filled the optician’s room.

The swirling wind whistles past your face,

This is nature’s cruel embrace.

The torch wavered over your clouded vision,

As your iris rotated in pure precision.

Can you read the bottom line?

Watch as the clouds intertwine.

This colossal spectacle seen by few,

Has shown itself to you.

However, without your glasses,

You will only catch it as it passes.

If Specsavers cannot even make you see,

Then I think it’s time for you to flee.

This is an eye test you will never forget.

By Little Lu ©️

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