• Little Lu

The Geyser “Geezer”

Aw’right me old china?

Bacardi Breezer

Fridge Freezer

Julius Caesar

Lemon Squeezer

Ice-cream Freezer.

Cor’ E’s lookin Richard and Judy,

Punch n Judy.

Stand back boys,

I wouldn’t take a Naomi Campbell on that one mate.

 Tha’ bloke’s gone John McCane.

He’s a righ’ bag ‘a yeast.

Watch out E’s comin for ya’ Phil.

Fackin’ Chicken oriental

Blaady Radio Rental!

E’s avin’ a right laugh and joke,

Mate you look bow and arra.

E’ll be alright.

Hold my Aj Hackett

Desmond Hackett

Tennis Racquet

This is what I been going daa’n the fat boy slim for.

Been workin’ out ain’t I?

Built like a brick shithouse.

You wanna fight ya’ fackin’ garden gate?

Dinner plate

Empire State

I’ll punch ya’ lights out.

You’re doin’ my Otis Reddin’!

Oi Dazza you’ve had too much to drink.

Put daan ya’ Penelope Cruz

Ya’ Keith Dellar

Paul Weller,

Nelson Mandella,

Yuri Geller,

David Mellor,

Ya’ fackin Cinderella.

Oi me old china, E looks pretty ping pong!

Na’ worries mate, I can take him on!

Na Na Na’ it might go Pete Tong.

Ah shu’ up Dave, don’t have a George Michael.

You’re so fackin’ bubble and squeak.

Mate ma’ bloody bag for life,

Carving knife,

Fork and knife,

Duchess of Fife,

Blaady bread knife!

Could hit harder than you.

Are you takin’ the piss?

Arthur Bliss?

Hit and Miss?

Snake’s Hiss?

Matt Le Tiss?

Dave ya fuckin’ snake.

Don’t fink I won’t take you out too, coz I will.

Oi Gazz ave’ a fackin’ lemon curd wiv yourself.

E’s not worf’ it.


Steve’s Kate Mossed outta control!

Steve ya filfy’ Sri Lanker!

Righ’ I’ve had enough!

This is a load of Barry White.

Mate, don’t get blood on me new Claire Rayners!

Gloria Gayners!

Gloves are comin’ off.

Oi Gerry I said fackin’ stand back!

That fackin’ Geyser’s about to go off!

By Little Lu ©️

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