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Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Yesterday I decided to venture out to heaven...otherwise known as Urban Jungle Suffolk; And what can I say... it is amazing! I love houseplants & cacti so if you're like me, this is definitely the place to get your cactus cravings. I have visited their sister site in Norwich, but wanted to venture a little closer to home. So I grabbed mum and popped out to this beautiful destination.

With such a spacious and well-thought out layout, the plants pull you into their own little world. Each aisle brings new species and interesting trees, believe me when I say you will be wanting to take everything home with you.

My Mum loves her garden and has a knowledge the size of an encyclopedia when it comes to horticulture, so this was the perfect afternoon out for her too. Before getting straight down to the plants...we just had to try the cake. I had carrot cake and mum had coffee cake, both were delicious. Urban Jungle have such a fab seating area outside when it's good weather (and in the cactus tunnel when in bad weather) Luckily it was 25 degrees so sitting outside was just what we needed.

Having already a combined amount of 30 succulents and cacti at home (with propagated babies), I thought it would be rude not to come away with a few more little friends for the window sill.

Their selection is incredible; literally plants for every occasion. Everything from banana plants to bamboo! I could have spent so long here.

Visiting Urban Jungle UK is a genuine feel good experience, being around the kind of pricks you really don't mind (cacti) & the lush green foliage of the jungle plants. I have never visited anywhere like this, and am so lucky that it is now only a short car journey away. This place is truly special and one which I will be coming back to time and time again. (Note to self: Will probably need a to invest in a bigger window sill for more plants)

Have you visited Urban Jungle UK? I'd love to hear about your special places & where you have ventured out to recently.

Happy exploring!

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