• Little Lu

We Drifted

Our curves collided together.

Me next to you,

you next to me.

My hand placed in yours.

Yours in mine.

We shared a connection only the map could see.

Pangaea I’ll tell you a secret,

Our journey is to be rocky.

Your pieces moved

From left

to right,

You picked apart my ou          te          r layer,

My weaknesses began to show.

This continental jigsaw       s c a t t e r e d.

Once connected now broken.

Outlines upon outlines,

Now sitting across from one another.

Your hand no longer in mine,

Memories once held together,

Now filled with oceans.

Waters sooth the pain.

An illustrator’s creation,

Now abstract.

How modern.

A slow mover,

Your faults show up on my atlas.

This split is the start of something new.

A break-up means new beginnings, this is not the end dear friend.

Stress comes first,


The split.

Once friends.

Now enemies.

The war has begun.

My sediment against yours,

Your igneous against mine.

The magma rose up in-between.

This puzzle cannot be put back together.

You will find your belongings both here                    and                        there.

Fossilised secrets set in stone,

Only those who fit two and two together will tell our story.

By Little Lu ©️

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